Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We support Open Access

First Open Access Day to be Held Oct. 14

SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition; www.arl.org/sparc), the Public Library of Science (PLoS; http://www.plos.org/), and Students for FreeCulture (http://www.freeculture.org/) have jointly announced the first international Open Access Day. Building on the worldwide momentum toward Open Access to publicly funded research, Open Access Day is designed to create a key opportunity for the higher education community and the general public to understand more clearly the opportunities of wider access and use of content.

Open access has wider implications for all including students, researchers, publishers, academicians and also librarians!!!

To celebrate this occasion, Alma Mater Library (AML) would like to:

1. Create awareness about Open Access through News Updates by email
2. Announce sources of information available through Open Access
3. Initiate discussions amongst users about Open Access

We also welcome everybody's participation on this sensitive issue, which deals with our working, academic and professional life. Please do share your experiences.

Alma Mater Library

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  1. Yes, open access is the need of the day. Though from the outset it seems to have gained momentum, a close look reveals that scholars prefer to get their research papers published in established journals which are mostly controlled by commercial publishers and are not in open access. I think it started bit late as many journals, which were earlier been published by different societies are already taken over by commercial publishers in last couple of decades.

    Hats off to NIA Library and Bhakti for this pioneering blog.

    Prabhash N. Rath