Thursday, January 15, 2009

Education through open access: Open Educational Resources

The open access movement also plays an important role in education field now days, which will be benefited for society as everyone gets equal opportunity for free authoritative standard education. Internet has made great impact the way, people access and share information. This has resulted in increase in Open Educational Resources (OER). In this area ccLearn, which is a division of Creative Commons is dedicated to realizing the full potential of the Internet to support open learning and open educational resources. They have multiple projects, resources, publications etc. available on their websites useful for the organizations and people working in the area.

The latest publication mentioned on their website is titled as The Way Forward: Deliberations of an International Community of Interest by D’Antoni, Susan. UNESCO Feb 2008.

This document is a testament to the power of group deliberation in a vibrant virtual community. It presents the way forward for OER based upon the informed opinion of an international community, and sets out priorities for future action. It will be of interest to many readers from decision and policy makers at the national level to teachers and academics at the local level.

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