Thursday, January 29, 2009

Risk Reports Published

Following two Risk reports are now available:

India@ Risk 2008

World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Network launched the India @ Risk 2008 report, in the lead-up to the India Economic Summit in New Delhi, India, 16-18 November 2008. The report, prepared in conjunction with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), presents the latest insights into trends, potential consequences and mitigation strategies relevant to key risk areas facing India:

• Economic Security: how the global financial crisis is likely to affect India and how the country will manage the current financial turmoil
• Energy Security: considering means by which India can improve its energy supply network and become a low carbon economy
• Agriculture and Food Security: improving agricultural productivity, addressing the problem of malnutrition and managing water resources
• National Security: how India can establish itself as a force for stability in the region and contain and address internal sources of instability

In preparing this report, experts and policy-makers from business, academia and non-governmental organizations were interviewed about what they consider to be the keys to India’s future growth, which risks might pose threats to progress, and how those risks might be mitigated.

Global Risks 2009

On 13th January 2009, World Economic Forum also published Global Risks 2009 , which identifies deteriorating fiscal positions, a hard landing in China, a collapse in asset prices, gaps in global governance and issues relating to natural resources and climate as the pivotal risks facing the world this year.

Published in cooperation with Citigroup, MMC (Marsh & McLennan Companies), Swiss Re, the Wharton School Risk Center and Zurich Financial Services, the report is based on a qualitative assessment of global risks, workshops and input from business leaders and experts consulted throughout 2008. This is the latest in a series of annual publications of the World Economic Forum and its partners in the financial services industry. Last year’s report accurately warned of an imminent systemic crisis in the financial sector as well as volatility in the energy market and food shortages.

Both the reports are available to users for download.

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